Service Time : 10:30 am

Shane Cockrill

Shane Cockrill has been the pastor at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship since July of 2009. Before coming to ALCF, Shane received his master’s degree in school counseling and spent several years in the field of special education. After hearing God’s call to full time ministry in the church, Shane was ordained by Abundant Life. As pastor, Shane’s greatest passion is to see people transformed by Jesus Christ. In his personal time, Shane enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, and sons, Elijah and Isaiah. He also enjoys playing basketball and his guitar as well as making crafts that involve glitter.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship consists of two elders, three deacons, and our pastor. Our elders are Kevin Hewitt and Jim Kurzen, and our deacons are Justin Shackle, Rick Lutes, and Tom Skelley. These men work closely alongside Pastor Shane to make important administrative decisions for the church and to seek God’s guidance in leading the members of ALCF toward accomplishing our mission in Massillon and beyond.

Team Leaders

The team leaders of Abundant Life are the men and women who oversee various aspects of the ministries of the church. Each team is responsible for carrying out a portion of our mission: worship, discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism. Brandon and Hailey Jurkovich are our worship team leaders, Jim Kurzen is our discipleship team leader, Lori Hewitt leads the children's ministry team, Linda Crofut heads up our fellowship team, and Pastor Shane Cockrill oversees the evangelism team.

Juan Reyes

Juan is the youth leader at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. He leads the youth of ELEVATE in pursuing God and living their lives for Him and sharing their faith. Juan works full-time as an international sales representative. In the evenings and on weekends, you're likely to find him in studying the Bible, hanging out with the youth, and spending time with his wife, Carla, and dog, Benji. Juan loves to travel, play percussion, and spend time in God's beautiful creation.

Sarah Senften

Sarah is Abundant Life’s administrative assistant. She works with Pastor Shane and the other leaders of the church to oversee and carry out various ministries. In addition to her work at ALCF, Sarah has recently begun a new career as an office manager of a local dentist's office. If you have any questions about what’s going on at the church, she is more than likely to know or be able to find the answer for you. You can always reach her at the church’s e-mail address,