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On Sunday, May 12th, we will be having child and baby dedication. Below you will find some information about baby and child dedication as well as a form to sign up to be part of it. Please sign up by May 1st.

Why should I dedicate my child to Christ?

Many of us come from backgrounds where we’ve seen infants baptized by sprinkling or pouring. But here at ALCF, we believe that baptism is to be reserved for older children and adults who are able and ready to make a conscious decision to follow Jesus. However, in the Bible, we do find a practice that has continued to this day called baby or child dedication. In fact, Jesus’ parents dedicated him to God as a baby (Luke 2:22-38). We dedicate babies and children to God in humble recognition that these children belong to Him; they are not ours, but God’s. The practice of child dedication is a way of making a public declaration of submission to God as parents.

What is involved in child dedication?

At Abundant Life, child dedication is a twofold act. First, the parents dedicate themselves to raise their child in the Christian faith, and second, we as a church family, commit to provide them the support they need to keep their promise.

The child dedication ceremony takes place during a Sunday morning service. A brief slideshow of pictures is followed by the parents’ verbal commitment to dedicate their child to God, and then the parents presented with a framed certificate of dedication for their child.

What do I need to do?

First, it’s important that you prayerfully consider the significance and magnitude of this decision before proceeding with the dedication ceremony. This is an important commitment that should not be entered into lightly. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to address them with Pastor Shane before you make your decision about child dedication.

If you decide to make this commitment, there are a few things that you’ll need to do:

    • Fill out the information form below by Wednesday, May 1st.
    • Once you have committed to dedicating your child, you will be receiving an email from the church with further instructions to prepare for the child dedication.

We are excited that you’re considering this commitment! Please fill out the form below for your child to be dedicated. 

Child Dedication Form
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