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Abundant Life Christian Fellowship has partnered with Encompass to provide counseling out of our church building. Encompass operates through Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO) and provides Christ-centered outpatient counseling, home based counseling, foster care and adoption services. With centers in Wooster, Ashland, Massillon and Walton Hills, Encompass offers comprehensive services that are designed to wrap families in a blanket of hope and support. When direction is needed, as it sometimes is in the journey of life, Encompass professionals can be counted on to provide guidance. Gently moving the needle toward the right destination, families can find solace in a new kind of compass.


The terrain of life can get uneven sometimes and may require re-routing. Encompass staff are prepared to stand beside families during this journey. Treating a wide variety of mental health and relationship issues, licensed professional counselors will invest the time in each individual or family to understand the concerns that bring them to counseling. Comprehensive services are both evidenced-based and tailored to each person. The professional counselors at Encompass provide mental health diagnosis and individual counseling to children and adults. Family and group counseling are also offered from Christian vantage points. Faith and expertise collide to provide a holistic approach to counseling.

Our staff treats a wide variety of mental health and relationship-related issues. Our licensed, professional counselors will take time to understand and support your path towards healing.

Our Mental Health Professionals at Encompass offers mental health diagnostic, individual counseling to both children and adults, family and group counseling from a Christian perspective.

We feel using this trauma approach gives our staff the unique perspective and privilege to be able to join in our client’s journey when there is a past full of hurt and pain.   Given this approach, our staff can transform from therapist to witnesses.  We no longer are able to analyze or judge, but we see the client’s pain from his or her perspective and we become curious observers.


1. Kindness – our encompass professionals delivers compassion throughout the supportive services we provide in our foster care and counseling programs.  Our foster care workers take every opportunity to help our clients and foster parents experience their worth in Christ.   Our office and counseling staff will welcome our clients with authentic warmth and empathy, enabling them to feel secure and safe in our counseling centers.

2. Selfless – our encompass staff are selfless, and that means putting our clients first, working persistently alongside them.  Our staff understands the importance of their positive relationships with our clients, and will always, consider their needs and best interests first.

3. Relentless Commitment-  When our clients place their trust in our staff, they can expect a partnership of dedication to their concerns.  It is a pledge of encompass professionals to work diligently with them to understand their unique experience.

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Are you interested in becoming a foster parent?

This July, we are providing the needed 36 hours of training you need to become a licensed foster parent in the State of Ohio. Please prayerfully consider helping us as there are so many children in Northeast Ohio who not only need a home, but a family where they can experience their worth in Christ. Our team will guide and and support you through the training and home study process. Our agency will compensate you upon licensure for $10 / hour – per person. Training days are: Thursday, July 13th 6-9p; Saturday, July 15th 9-4p; Tuesday, July 18th 6-9p; July 20th 6-9p; Saturday, July 22 9-4p; Tuesday, July 25th 6-9p; Thursday, July 27th 6-9p; Saturday, July 29th 6-9p; and Tuesday, Aug 1st 6-9p. For more information, please call Angel Sigler at 330.345.7949 or Click here for more information!