Have you ever encountered a season in which God seemed to be silent, your prayers went unanswered, and promises remained unfulfilled? Have you ever had to wait, wait, and then wait some more? Perhaps you’re in that season right now and your hope has dwindled and doubt has grown. How are we to handle prolonged seasons of silence and waiting? Listen this Christmas season, as Pastor Shane explores what the Christmas story can teach us about waiting well when God’s timetable is not ours and our prayers appear to bounce off the ceiling.

He Hears You When You Call

December 1, 2019  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

God is Working in Our Waiting with the Testimony of Angel

December 8, 2019  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane with Angel from RAHAB Ministries

Expect Unexpected Goodness

December 15, 2019   |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Obey the Light You've Been Given

December 22, 2019   |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Why We Celebrate At Christmas

December 24, 2019   |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill