Pastor Shane Cockrill

Join us in worshipping through song, prayer, and a message from Pastor Shane as we continue the sermon series, Starting Point looking at the new power we receive through the Holy Spirit!


No person of the Holy Trinity is more misunderstood and neglected than the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? What is his role? What is his relation to God the Father and God the Son? How does he work in the life of a Christian? How is he at work in the world? Join Pastor Shane in the sermon series Fire Fall as he answers these questions and more by examining the impact that the Holy Spirit made on the first Christians once it fell on them in what appeared to be flames of fire. As you do, you’ll find that the same Holy Spirit that radically transformed the lives of the first Christians and drastically altered the course of human history can radically transform your life today.

Have you ever asked questions like these: Could God have saved people from sin and death without the Son of God becoming human? Could God have saved people without Jesus having to die? If Jesus’s death was necessary to rescue people, why didn’t he come down from heaven on Good Friday? In other words, why did Jesus live for over three decades before his death? If he had to die, why did Jesus have to die in such a brutal manner? If Jesus’s death paid for our sins, why does his resurrection matter? If you have wrestled with these questions, we encourage you to join Pastor Shane this Easter season in our It Is Finished! sermon series as he examines what Jesus accomplished in his life, death, burial, and resurrection and why it matters for us today. We believe that as you participate with us, your questions will be answered and your understanding of the amazing grace of God will deepen.

Jesus's parting words to his disciples included the command to go and make disciples. However, obedience to this command is often absent in the lives of Christians. Join Pastor Shane as he examines what it actually means to make disciples, why it is vitally important, and how we can go about doing it so that the Great Commission is no longer the "great omission" in our life.

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October 3rd - Starting Point: New Heart