During this season of navigating church during COVID-19, things look a little different. 


Pastor Shane Cockrill

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We live in our culture that tells us that the key to happiness is in having more...more money, more toys, more choices, more vacations, more cars, more square footage, more power, and more notoriety. What if the never ending drive to amass more for ourselves is actually shrinking our happiness instead of expanding it? What if true happiness is found in giving away more and having less? Join Pastor Shane in Less is More as he considers the Bible’s radical teaching that “it is better to give than receive.”

During the Christmas season, we remember, as the Gospel of John asserts, that “the one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone” has come into the world. What does it mean that Jesus is the true light and why is this so significant for us today? Join Pastor Shane as he explores the answers to these two critical questions and explains how they provide the basis for an extremely merry and bright Christmas celebration.

It has been stated that our world is changing more rapidly now than at any other point in human history. It is estimated that in only 18 months we now experience the same amount of significant cultural events and shifts that used to take 30 years to develop! It is easy to become disoriented when you are traversing an ever changing landscape. It is easy to lose your footing when the ground beneath you is constantly moving. If you feel as if you have lost your way in the sea of change, and as a result, you are asking questions like, "What is the point of life?" and "Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?", then join Pastor Shane in Made For This as he calls us back to God's unchanging purpose for our lives.

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