Youth Pastor Blaine Hewitt

Join Youth Pastor Blaine Hewitt share how we often pray for things like miracles but we do not see that in order for us to experience a miracle from God we need a problem. As we walk through our relationship with God, we will encounter problems. We must not stop, remember and keep going after the God given promises He has given to us!


What is the purpose of the Church? How can we make the times that we gather as the body of Christ count? What activities should we engage in? How important is regular participation in the Church? What are its benefits? Join Pastor Shane in the sermon series Church In 3D as he answers these questions and more through exploring what the Bible identifies as the main dimensions of Church life.

The Psalms repeatedly encourage us to pause and reflect. Throughout this summer, guest speakers will be teaching on different chapters in the Psalms. We as a church are excited to be able to pause and reflect on who God is and who we are in Him together throughout the summer.

Jesus was always in the right gear at the right time. He knew when it was time to work, rest, have fun, and dive deeper in relationships. As a result, he was present in his relationships and productive in his work. In our sermon series Gearshift, Pastor Shane will teach us how we can follow Jesus’ example in a day and age when there never seems to be enough time. 

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