To behold means to focus your attention on an object in order to think deeply and carefully about it. What’s interesting is that we are shaped by what we have the habit of beholding. In other words, over time, we become what we most frequently behold. This, of course, is both good news and bad news. It is bad news when we behold the wrong things that transform us in negative ways. We have all read the stories of people beholding success, power, or wealth as their highest aim that were destroyed by the pursuit of them and wrecked others in the process. The good news is that we can be shaped by the good things we behold. There is no one more beautiful and wonderful than Jesus. We find a tremendous promise in 2 Corinthians 3:18. The verse states that when we behold Jesus' glory, it becomes glory imparted to us…meaning we are transformed into people that reflect Jesus's glory in increasing measure. Jesus' beauty becomes our beauty. Jesus' character becomes our character. Jesus' peace becomes our peace. Jesus' love becomes our love. Jesus' desires become our desires. Jesus' wisdom becomes our wisdom. Jesus' courage becomes our courage. This Easter season join us in beholding Jesus' glory that was on full display during his trial, death, and resurrection and become more like Jesus!

Jesus Before Pilate

March 27, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Jesus Before the Centurion

April 3, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Jesus Before Thomas

April 10, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Jesus Before Peter

April 17, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

New Life Sunday 2022

April 24, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill