Hope is the confident anticipation that things will get better, brighter days are ahead, help is on its way, relief is near, dreams will be fulfilled, and the suffering one has endured will not be wasted, but instead, produce an abundance of lasting, good fruit.  A lack of hope can quickly lead to despondency that turns into despair and checking out. Hope, on the other hand, fuels perseverance. As important as hope is to a thriving life, hope is only as good as its object. The question we must ask is this, “Can the object of my hope actually deliver what I am hoping for?” Join us this Christmas season, as Pastor Shane explains why Jesus Christ is the only sure and certain basis for hope.

Zacharias and Elizabeth

November 28, 2021  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill


December 5, 2021  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

The Shepherds

December 19, 2021  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill


December 24, 2021  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill