When people are on their deathbed, they don’t ask for their trophies, certificates of achievement, or degrees. They also don’t ask for their prized material possessions. When people are dying and they know it, they want to be surrounded by the people they love. Why is this so? Relationships are what matter most! Join Pastor Shane in Relationships Are Everything as he explores how we can develop and maintain life giving relationships with the most important people in our lives so that we encounter death with fewer regrets. 

You Cannot Give What You Do Not Possess

January 23, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Fight For Your Highest Good

January 30, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Your Extraorindary Marriage

February 6, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill

Friendship the Jesus Way

February 13, 2022  |   Speaker: Pastor Shane Cockrill