• God Stories: The Everyday and the Mundane

    Oct 11, 2014


    For the past few weeks at Abundant Life, we’ve been singing a song called Your Grace Finds Me, and one of the lines in the song has stuck with me.  It talks about finding God’s grace “in the everyday and the mundane.”

    Is it really possible to see God’s grace–his unearned, unmerited favor–in the mundane, routine moments of life? Is God at work in the seemingly unremarkable parts of my day to day life?

    I think the answer is most definitely yes. But you’re going to have to pay attention and look for the ways He chooses to work in your mundane moments.

    Let me tell you a story that explains what I’m talking about:

    My sister Mary has two little boys, ages two and four.  They are wonderful, sweet, kind, and lovely little boys. (I promise I’m not biased!) But they are little boys.  They are wild and crazy and loud and sometimes rather rebellious.  I’m sure that all moms of little boys know exactly what I’m talking about.

    And so I’m equally sure that you moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandparents have a pretty good idea of what it looks like to bring two little boys to the grocery store on your own–without backup.

    One day a few weeks ago, Mary found herself in this situation with her boys.  She needed to do the family’s grocery shopping, but her husband wasn’t available to help out.  So she found herself at Aldi’s with her two year old and her four year old and absolutely no backup.

    She prayed before she went into the store.  She called her husband and asked him to pray for her before she went into the store.  She had a talk with her boys and tried to prep them for what was about to happen.   They were going to the grocery store, and it was very important that they obey Mommy, that they stay with Mommy, that they use their indoor voices, that they not whine or grab things off of the shelves, that they not run in the store…

    With trepidation and determination, Mary took the boys into the store and started getting the things on her list. And there in the everyday and the mundane, she saw little glimpses of God’s great grace.

    The boys were unusually well-behaved.  They stayed with her and obeyed all of the rules she’d given them. They even cooperated when Mary ran into her old friend, Abigail, and stopped to chat for a moment.

    However, it had become increasingly clear that the boys were getting tired and starting to lose their patience with the process by the time Mary made it to the checkout. And for all who’ve shopped at Aldi’s, you know that the checkout process involves bagging your own groceries and taking them out to your vehicle without assistance.

    Just when Mary was sure things were going to get tricky, Abigail appeared again.  She told Mary that she wasn’t quite sure why she’d even come to that particular store on that day; she really hadn’t needed to stop and she usually went to a different grocery store.  She had even driven past the store, intending to head home.  But for some reason, she turned the car around and went back.  When she saw Mary struggling with the boys and her full cart of groceries at the checkout, she finally realized why she had stopped.  God knew that Mary needed help, so he had sent Abigail.  Abigail proceeded to abandon her own grocery cart and bag all of Mary’s groceries for her.  She even walked with her out to the parking lot and put all of the groceries into her car.

    Sometimes God works in huge, life-changing ways, but sometimes He chooses to show Himself in small, seemingly insignificant moments.  Mary’s life wasn’t forever changed by that day in Aldi’s, but her faith was made stronger in the knowledge that God’s grace is a part of the everyday, mundane moments of her life–if she only pays enough attention to see it.