• God Stories: A Hard Road

    Feb 27, 2014

    step out

    One of the greatest joys we have at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship is watching God at work in the lives of others.  We love to see what happens when God remakes people, transforming them into new creations.  It's these stories of transformation that we call "God stories," and we count it a great privilege when God allows us to play a role in them.

    As a group of believers, we at ALCF are equally excited to see the way that God uses us as a group.  We're blessed when God works in us and through us to serve and bless others.

    Lee came to Abundant Life when someone invited him to come.  He kept coming when he saw that the people of ALCF were different than other Christians he'd met before.  He loved that the congregation was genuine and committed to serving the community and spreading the Word of God. 

    It wasn't long before Lee decided that he wanted to be a Christian, too, and made the decision to follow Jesus.  He was baptized and became a member of the church.

    A lot of people expect the God story to end there.  A nice, predictable ending: and he lived happily ever after. 

    But that's not been Lee's experience.  Instead, he's found that things haven't been easy since he made the decision to follow Jesus.  All of his problems haven't disappeared.  In fact, some things have been really difficult for Lee.  He's had financial issues and medical problems.  He's come to realize that, as a Christian, he now has an enemy that wants him to fail.  Lee readily admits that following Christ is the hardest thing he's ever done.

    Life certainly hasn't gotten easier.  And that's where I see God at work in Lee's story.

    Things aren't easy, but Lee isn't going anywhere.   He's determined to develop his relationship with Jesus.  He attends a Bible study with other men at the church.  He's involved in a group that meets weekly to worship, encourage one another, and reach out to the community.  He comes to church on Sunday mornings, reads his Bible, and prays more than he ever has before. Lee hasn't given up on following Jesus. 

    And Jesus hasn't given up on Lee.  In small ways, in subtle ways, and sometimes in obvious answers to prayer, Lee has seen Christ's work in his life and in the lives of those around him. 

    Ultimately, Lee is learning what a lot of believers take years to discover: following Jesus is a hard road.  And in the end, Lee will learn what all of Jesus' followers will someday know with complete certainty: it's worth it

    When we finally stand in the presence of our Savior, all of the difficulty will be far outweighed by His glory.