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The Importance of Truly Worshiping God

“Worship” is a word that we throw around alot in Christian circles. We use it to describe the singing in our Sunday services. We use it to describe the music we listen to in our car.
We use it to describe the industry where worship music comes from. Because we use the word “worship” in a variety of ways to describe a variety of things, I am afraid that we’ve lost the true meaning of the word.

We all worship something – but what is worship? And why does it matter anyways? Well, based on the the dictionary’s definition, worship means to feel and/or express deep respect, admiration, and love for something or someone. The Bible tells us that worship is not less than the dictionary’s definition, but it also tells us that it is more. Worship involves not just love, but also, trust, and obedience. Worship is loving something supremely with your heart, trusting something supremely with your mind, and obeying and serving something supremely with your hands.

We are born worshippers. The first two of the Ten Commandments assume that we are all worshippers and that we will either worship God or false gods. The question is —- what are we worshipping? For some it may be a relationship, job, lifestyle, or sports. What does your head, heart, and hands tell you about where you’re looking for ultimate satisfaction, security, and significance?

Now why does this all matter? Why is it important to know what we worship? Because, we become what we worship. We will take on its image…its characteristics, its attitudes, and its ways. Consequently, we must choose who or what we worship wisely.

In the sermon series, True Worship, join Pastor Shane as he explores the Bible’s answers to exactly: What is worship? Does it matter? If so, how should we worship? When should we worship? and more.

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