John 10:10b

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

God Stories: Start With One

Jan 11, 2015

Countless people die of preventable deseases every year.  In many areas of the world, fresh, clean water is an unheard of luxury.  Millions are homeless.  Thousands upon thousands suffer unimaginable abuse, neglect, and mistreatment.  It is estimated that nearly 30 million people are living in slavery, and many of these slaves are women and children, sold into the sex industry.

The numbers are overwhelming.  I can’t imagine the vast number of people who live each day in desperate need of help. I can’t imagine the staggeringly large number of people who die every day from circumstances that could be prevented.

And we, as followers of Jesus, are told to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and help the sick.  We are commanded to help the helpless and defend the fatherless and to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our broken world. The needy and the sick and the slaves are our responsibility.

But when I look at the numbers, when I see the enormity of the millions upon millions who need to experience Jesus’ love, who are desperate for the compassion of my Savior, I find myself frozen.  How can I begin to tackle such an immense job?  How can one person ever hope to make a difference when the problem is so huge?

The answer is in starting with one.  I can’t eradicate hunger or provide clean water for everyone in need or set 30 million slaves free, but I can begin with one individual.

This Christmas, the people at Abundant Life were able to do exactly that by partnering with the Aruna Project, a ministry devoted to freeing women enslaved in the sex industry in South Asia.  The ministry brings these women out of slavery, educates them, trains them in a trade, and provides them with the opportunity to live free.  One woman at a time.  For $2,000, the Aruna Project can make sure that one woman is able to be employed for a year.  For $500, they can purchase all of the items a woman will need to have her own work station.  And we at Abundant Life worked together to raise enough money to employ two women for the year 2015.

We didn’t change the world.  We didn’t even come close.  But we were obedient to our Savior’s command to help the helpless and to set the captives free.

And now there are two less slaves in the world.


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