Disciple Making Road Map

May 22, 2024    Shane Cockrill

During his public ministry, Jesus was laser focused on three main objectives: (1) dying as our perfect substitute so that our sin penalty could be paid for in full, (2) defeating evil and death by rising from the dead so that we could share in his victory, and (3) making disciples out of 12 men that would carry on his disciple making ministry to the ends of the earth.  

Thanks to Jesus’s faithfulness, the faithfulness of his original disciples, and countless others through the centuries that were obedient to Jesus’s call to make disciples, billions of people have found new and eternal life in Jesus. The sad reality that we now face is that many Christians in America have completely forsaken Jesus’s clear call to make disciples. The Great Commission has become so absent in the lives of Christians, one author has called it The Great Omission. Join Pastor Shane in Mission Critical as he explores how we might rediscover the lost art of disciple making so that the next generation might be rescued out of darkness to walk in Jesus’s marvelous light now and forever.